Introducing TheNest – the perfect place to host your next business meeting, training event or creative workshop. Centrally located in Queen Victoria Street, Stanford, our venue safe, quiet, private, and ready for you to get your next meeting or workshop off to a great start!

Our flexible pricing allows you to hire a meeting room facility for any amount of time you may require from hourly rates, half-day rates or even full day room hire, we will ensure you have the facility you need to get your business done.

Art Workshops

Our venue offers ample room for your artistic endeavors, with plenty of natural light to fuel your creativity. ensures you and your participants feel right at home, allowing you to focus on what you do best – creating art! Book your space now and take your art workshops to the next level!

Business Meetings

Our venue is the perfect place for your next business meeting or gathering. Impress clients and colleagues with our comfortable setting, designed for productive discussions. Equipped with audio-visual equipment and high-speed WiFi to keep your presentations seamless.

Elevate your meeting with delicious catering choices to keep everyone energised and focused.

Therapeutic Events

Our venue is the ultimate space for your mind-body wellness sessions. Our space offers ample room for your yoga mats and meditation cushions, ensuring a comfortable and flexible practice space. Elevate your classes to new heights with us!

Training Workshops

Our venue is the ultimate space for your next corporate training. Our venue offers ample room for workshops, seminars, and team-building activities, accommodating various training formats. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and high-speed WiFi for seamless presentations.


Located in the heritage village of Stanford, a mere stone’s throw away from cafes, restaurants, and quaint boutique shops, our meeting venue, TheNest, caters for small meetings and gatherings of up to 20 people and offers the following benefits:

Centrally Located | Parking Available | WiFi Access | Meeting Room Basics


Additional catering in the form of platters can be arranged to suit your budget and requirements.

Seasonal Fruit Platter | Mixed Sandwich Platter | Muffin Platter | Biscuit Platter

Other platters are available upon special request. We like to source our platters from local establishments, thereby supporting local.


We know that sometimes getting out of your everyday environment is just what people need to get their creative juices flowing. Our space is to anyone, although repeat clients (our members) receive special reduced rates.

Our basic meeting room rate is inclusive of WiFi, basic back-up power, plug points, a TV monitor screen and the use of flip charts, markers and pens.

Rates Start From:

  • Per Hour:                                 R180

  • Up to 2 Hours:                         R250

  • Half Day (2.5 to 4 hours):        R645

  • Full Day (4.5 to 8 hours):         R1,125


Sparrow Package

Just the meeting room, no catering.

Sugarbird Package

Meeting room plus tea, coffee & biscuit platter.

Blue Crane Package

Meeting room, tea & coffee, water & juice, platters.

Meeting Room Setups

Our rooms can be laid out for business meetings, informal gatherings (book clubs, etc.), training workshops, strategy sessions, small product launches, and presentations. With on point technology, personalised service, free and secure parking, we’re confident that our space will surpass all expectations.

Deciding on the right room setup is essential for a productive meeting. By doing a little preparation and choosing the right setup style, you can be sure that your next meeting or get together is a great success.


Several tables are arranged in the shape of the letter ‘U’ with chairs around the outside of the U. This style is ideal for meetings where there is a main presenter or presentation but the participants are encouraged to contribute as well. This style is well suited for committee meetings, discussion groups, and Board of Directors meetings.


Like a school classroom, this layout is ideal for meetings or workshops that include a presenter/facilitator and a number of participants.


This setup is mostly used for smaller groups where everyone is able to freely communicate with one another and there is a shared workspace.  This layout is also used for discussion groups, committee meetings, and Board of Directors meetings as long as the group will be small.


Similar to the classroom layout, but without tables. Seats are arranged in rows facing the front of the room. If the group is larger and there is no need for note taking or any type of participation then this style is ideal.


This layout, where the tables are placed around the room randomly and each table can seat four people comfortably. It is suited to informal gatherings or networking events.

Open Space

Tables & chairs are pushed to the sides of the room, leaving the centre space completely open. This layout is suited to meditation, Yoga or pilates classes.

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A good meeting/conference room makes a massive difference to business operations. It helps you communicate better with clients and colleagues, make a positive first impression and improves the meeting experience. This matters whether you have in-person or remote meetings on a regular basis.

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